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Q And A

General Pet Dental Questions?

Q:  My dog's teeth look clean but his mouth smells like his backside!  Does he need dentistry?

A:  Most likely!  Maybe he just did THAT THING pet owners don't like to discuss - pet poo eating - but if this is a persistent, "knock-you-over" foul odor, then YES!  Despite minimal buildup, some pets have pockets below the gum line that collect decaying food and bacteria.  This causes a terrible odor and BIG dental problems in the form of infection, bone loss and inflammation.

Q:  Do pets get cavities?

A:  Yes, but not like the ones human get. In almost all cases, pet cavities are areas of tooth resorption that can not be stopped by drilling and filling.  Deep resorptive cavities on the surface of teeth are very painful, exposing the inner nerves of the tooth.  Unfortunately, extraction is the only permanent option. 

Q:  What signs are there to know when my pet should have their teeth cleaned?

A:  Check out this great article on our page - Oral Care

For more information please refer to:

The American Veterinary Dental College 

The Veterinary Oral Health Council


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